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“The book “Plays” offers an important reflection on the importance of playing, showing the child audience (and everyone who works with this audience) how we can reconcile different types of games, in different times and spaces (physical and virtual). This work draws attention to a serious contemporary theme, where mediation with children is fundamental: the importance of disconnecting to get the best out of life. Such seriousness, converging with lightness, is actually a mark of authorship, of those who research and train teachers to work with children. It's playing that you teach! It's playing that you learn! And it is in the experience where the friends are that are the best memories!” Prof. Drª Keite Melo - Professor at ISERJ, Municipal Network of Duque de Caxias and Univesp.

Ficha Técnica

Tipo: Livro Infantil ilustrado
ISBN:  978-85-54018-10-8 
Autora: Ana Paula Monteiro
Ilustradores: Ed Soares e Andreia Marques

Tradutor: Gilson Salomão Pessôa
Dimensões: 20x20cm
Número de páginas: 16 páginas
Idioma: Inglês
Acabamento: Brochura
Número da edição: 1a edição
Data da publicação: 2021